“Corganics Relief cream has been amazing in our practice. Patients absolutely love it because it works. Our bottom line loves it, too.” *

Dr. Mark Hembre | D.C. - Tyler, TX
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Relief is your ticket to greater profitability!

If you are a healthcare professional, massage therapist, rehab or therapy clinic, independent drug store, salon, or spa not currently selling Corganics Relief, see our Why Relief? video to learn why it's the choice of professionals, request a free, 4 oz. tube to evaluate Relief with your staff and patients, or take advantage of our risk-free 90-day trial and immediately begin generating happier patients and healthier profits! With our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee your patients have nothing to lose but their pain—whether it be arthritic pain, back pain, muscular pain, joint pain, foot pain, or pain due to athletic activities.

Take 90 Days To Prove It To Yourself

Simply place your initial order at our special introductory price and implement our Five Easy Steps Sales Plan. If you are not absolutely delighted with the results, call us within 90 days of your order and we will send you a return label and refund the purchase price of any unsold and returned product.

“Relief Cream has tremendously helped our patients when dealing with pain! It is THE BEST pain relieving creme on the market! We have been carrying it for a couple years now in our office, and when we start getting low on supply it's panic. Relief is truly a great product, and Corganics is a great company! I also want to share a wonderful experience I personally had with the Relief Cream. After unexpectedly spending a few hours in the sun with no sunscreen on, I came home burnt. Not just a little burnt, but lobster red burnt. Knowing I had to treat patients all day, I had to find something that would take the sting out and allow me to bend my knees without excruciating pain. I grabbed the Relief cream and applied it all over my legs. Within minutes the pain went away, and I was able to bend my knees and perform my job with NO PAIN! Thank you for developing such an amazing product that I personally use and get to share with my patients, family and friends!” *
Dr. Lauren M. Sword, DC


“I am a retired physician who was somewhat reluctant to use Relief Cream. Being medically-oriented I questioned its effectiveness after reviewing its ingredients. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try. I am not a believer in prescribing a "pain pill" for every discomfort and felt that this cream was a viable option. The cream's effectiveness was unbelievable! I immediately recommended it to my colleagues and friends who were equally impressed. Needless to say, it's not for every pain, but it does provide "relief" for a lot of the discomforts we experience in everyday life. *
Vernie Bodden, MD


“I have practiced chiropractic for 29 years. I directed the first chiropractic program in Mexico at UNEVE and created and administrated Parker University's External Program for 10 years. As a sports Chiropractic practitioner, I treated or directed doctors and/or students in treating elite athletes in Pan American Games, South American and Caribbean Games and Bolivarian Games and presented in 12 different countries including China where I went invited by the WHO to present about Chiropractic in Latin America. In my 29 years in practice, I have never found a better topical analgesic for my patients, my family, and myself than Relief pain cream. Thank you Corganics!” *
Dr. Juan M. Sánchez, DC


“I am not exaggerating when I say that I, my patients, and everyone on my staff absolutely ADORE Relief pain cream, because it is FAR more effective than any other brand. In addition, we love the fact Relief has a pleasant fragrance, doesn't contain questionable ingredients, and won't burn your skin—even after repeated applications. Corganics often says you can generate healthier profits and happier patients with Relief pain cream; my staff and I can confirm that's the truth!” *
Dr. Ben Wagley, DC


“I've been recommending this product to my patients for years and I also use it myself and it works WONDERS for pain, swelling, inflammation and even arthritis in the extremities and spine. It's also perfect for acute sprains and sports injuries. Relief COMPLETELY blows BioFreeze out of the water. The company also prides itself on prompt, friendly and professional service.” *
Dr. Corey Skinner, DC


“I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy having the opportunity to use Relief! I have used other products in the past that cannot compare to the results I get with Relief. I have used Relief with a wide variety of patients ranging from professional athletes to the non-athletic population. The feedback that I get has always been positive and I cannot say that for any other product I have ever used. I will definitely continue to use Relief in my clinic as well as sharing this great product with friends and family. Thanks.” *
Dr. Cody Johnson, DPT


“The most important thing I can say about Relief cream is that it works well and quickly. Often, Relief takes the place of oral medication. 'One less pill to take,' is a common response from grateful patients. Relief cream is so appreciated that my patients are buying it for friends and relatives. Keep up your good work!” *
Dr. Fred Sternberg. DPM


“We love Relief pain cream. Not only do our patients get so much pain relief from your product, all of the employees use it for themselves and their families too! It's so popular at our practice we cannot keep it stocked on the shelf. The customer service and shipping time with Corganics is amazing. Thank you for always responding right away and shipping same day!” *
Dr. David Rheaume, DC


“I wanted to write and tell you how well Relief has worked for me. I started using it initially on my clients to relieve the knots in their backs and necks. I was thrilled and somewhat surprised to see that it actually worked quicker than Tiger Balm—the cream that most Massage therapists use for knots and Trigger Point Therapy. Relief always loosens the knots by 50% within 5 minutes. Most of the knot can then melt away within another 5 minutes. I’ve never been able to get those kinds of results with other balms or creams.” *
Wendy Himes, LMT


“I have been using the Relief cream in my physical therapy practice for the past six months and I'm very impressed with the product. I've been in practice for 14 years and have used so many different analgesic creams, but nothing has compared to the Relief cream. I like the smell of the product, and also like how it eases the wear and tear on my hands from long hours of manual work on my patients. However, the bottom line is that my patients love it. They request that I use it on them, and I have not seen that with any other analgesic I have used—and that alone makes it a must have. I'm sold on Relief cream, and plan to make it a mainstay in our clinic. Great product!” *
Trent May, PT


“In my 27 years as a Doctor of Chiropractic, I have had the opportunity to endorse dozens of pain relief products. Relief is the only cream that I believe will truly complement Chiropractic care. I utilize Relief as a tool which compliments Chiropractic care by accelerating my patients' journey to better health. As an avid tennis player and Doctor of Chiropractic I recommend Relief to all my patients, athletes, and anyone who has ever experienced soreness or pain of any kind.” *
Dr. Mark Hembree, DC


“I recently started using Relief in my practice after being introduced to the product by a friend. My patients tell me they prefer Relief to the other analgesic gel because Relief works better, lasts longer and there is no stickiness or unpleasant scent after using the cream. In addition to the patient response, I use Relief in my office because Corganics provides a high quality product with great customer service. Relief has been a great addition to my practice.” *
Dr. Mandy M Carter, DC


“I never thought it would be possible to break my love affair with Sombra. However, after 12 years of faithful use, it has happened! I am so pleased with the rapid results I experience when using Corganics' Relief. The deep penetrating effect of this product is incomparable, and the aroma of the essential oils makes Relief an easy sell as well. What a Relief!” *
Dr. Helene Valenti, DC, ACP


“We LOVE sharing Relief with our patients because it works GREAT, and unlike other products it has a very pleasant fragrance. Our patients rave about it and either 'stock up' while here or come back between visits to buy more. We even have people come in who are not our patients asking to buy Relief because they found us on Corganics' Store Locator page.” *
Dr. Steve Jennings, DC


“When I first learned about Relief, I was a big skeptic. After trying it, however, I now love it, as do patients and coworkers. Neuropathic pain and headaches following chemotherapy are real problems. Relief is a great solution that does wonders versus systemic medications with harsh side effects.” *
Anik C. Gilbert, RPh, Texas Oncology


“First of all I absolutely LOVE your product and I use it on most every patient. Thank you for providing practioners with a NATURAL, EFFECTIVE product for professional and home use!” *
Dr. Jackie Romanies, DC


“Relief Cream is the real deal! I use it myself, and my patients love it! Keep up the good work!” *
Graham Robson, DC





* We cannot guarantee you will achieve the same results (your results may vary), however, we do provide professionals with a 90-day risk-free trial, so you have nothing to lose by giving Relief a try—and with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee your patients have nothing to lose but their pain..

Patients find it has a refreshing scent and lotion-like feel, is non-irritating to skin, non-staining, non-sticky, non-greasy, and contains no ingredients with avoidance warnings for potential adverse side effects.

The formula [see the complete list of ingredients here] contains a unique, synergistic blend of essential oils (Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Palmarosa, Sweet Orange) and other natural ingredients (such as L-Arginine, MSM, Vitamin E, and Aloe) specifically chosen for their ability to support the active ingredient, Menthol, in consistently providing fast, targeted pain relief.

Doctors and therapists who apply Relief to patients can do so throughout the day without the need to wear gloves and with no fear of dried or burned skin (which would be the case with many other topical analgesic products).

Even better, Relief penetrates and absorbs quickly—working better and lasting longer than other topical analgesics! Once they've experienced, it, patients ask for a tube or roll-on they can take home and use between visits.

We offer healthcare professionals, sports medicine channels, rehab and therapy clinics, massage therapists, and independent drug stores a risk-free 90-day-trial. If you are not absolutely delighted with the results we will send you a return label and refund the purchase price of any unsold product returned within 90 days of purchase.

See our Why Relief? video detailing eight key reasons why Relief is the right choice for healthcare professionals.

As noted above, the formula [see the complete list of ingredients here] contains a unique, synergistic blend of essential oils (Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Palmarosa, Sweet Orange) and other natural ingredients (such as L-Arginine, MSM, Vitamin E, and Aloe) specifically chosen for their ability to support the active ingredient, Menthol, in consistently providing fast, targeted pain relief.

Relief is ONLY available through medical health care professionals, sports medicine channels, rehab and therapy clinics, health care businesses, massage therapists, and independent drug stores [see our Retail Locator] and is not sold at big box retail outlets.

Relief is highly effective on a wide variety of conditions such as back pain, muscular pain, joint pain, foot pain, or pain due to athletic activities.

Healthcare professionals and users across America are saying that Relief is the best topical pain reliever they have ever used, and that they have never seen any other pain cream like it. Once discovered by patients it will far outsell competing products.

Relief is competitively priced year-round (so there's no need to wait for special sales to stock up), leading to greater per-sale profits.

In addition, it comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee (if a patient or client returns a tube or roll-on just let us know and we will send you a replacement) so your patients have nothing to lose but their pain.

We ask that you consider adding Relief as a highly effective alternative for those "trial rejector" patients or clients who are not buying what you currently offer. In many cases up to 90% find other products lacking, and end up seeking a viable alternative that smells, feels, and flat out works better. We believe Relief is that product—and as such we offer professionals a risk-free 90-day-trial.

Yes. We offer professionals and retailers a risk-free 90-day-trial at a special introductory price to evaluate the effectiveness of Relief. Call 866-939-9541 to take advantage of this special offer. Learn more here.

Corganics Relief Display

For professionals, we offer an eye-catching Relief display box that holds 12 tubes or roll-ons, or 6 tubes/roll-ons with brochures and sample packets.

If you have a wholesale account and need a display, simply give us a call at 866-939-9541 and we will send you one with your next order.

We know seeing is believing. So if you are a licensed professional we will happily send you a free 4oz. tube so you can evaluate Relief's effectiveness first hand. Simply submit a request for a free 4 oz. tube or call our toll free number at 866-939-9541.

By calling 866-939-9541, by registering to purchase at wholesale online (you will be able to instantly access our wholesale catalog), or by faxing orders to 866-899-0512.

NOTE: Since we offer our new wholesale customers a risk-free 90-day-trial at an introductory price, we suggest you give us a call at 866-939-9541 to make your initial order.

No problem. Simply give us a call at 866-939-9541. We offer unparalleled customer service, and would love to speak with you.

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