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  • Natural alternative to oral medications with documented risks.
Corganics Relief Product Line

Train Harder — Finish Stronger

Relief has become the product-of-choice by everyone experiencing pain or soreness—and by athletes, trainers, coaches, massage therapists, rehab facilities, and medical professionals. In light of its versatility and effectiveness, many have called Relief, "The Miracle Cream." Relief can help increase your endurance during training and competitiona and reduce your recovery time. Why settle for anything less?

A More Natural Alternative

Relief is the more natural alternative when compared with non-steroidal anti-inflamatory drugs (NSAIDs), all of which note they may cause stomach or intestinal problems, such as bleeding and ulcers, and may increase the chance of heart attacks and strokes. Relief is a totally vegan product that contains no animal or animal derived ingredients, no WADA-prohibited substances, and has never been tested on animals.

Made with Essential Oils

Relief’s superior effectiveness is a result of its unique, synergistic blend of essential oils (Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Sweet Orange, and Menthol) and other natural ingredients (such as L-Arginine, MSM, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera).

Unconditionally Guaranteed

With Relief's unconditional guarantee you have nothing to lose but your pain. If you are not totally satisfied with the results Relief provides, for any reason, we will cheerfully refund your purchase price and your shipping cost.

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Preferred by Many Professional Sports Teams

If you're an athlete who trains or competes, or you simply work out and exercise to stay in shape, you're no doubt very familiar with the phrase, "No pain, no gain." Using Relief topical analgesic pain cream affords you "More gain with less pain," and allows you to train harder, train longer, and recover faster. Many report that Relief provides them with increased endurance during training and competition, and when reapplied post event or workout they experience reduced recovery time.

An athletic trainer with over 30 years' experience recently said, "Relief is one of the most effective and impressive products that I have found." * Another said, "I have found that Relief has helped my athletes more than any other analgesic cream. I am sold on this product." *

If you've been depending on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, as reported in this recent WebMD article long-tern NSAID use presents a number of serious health risks—risks you can eliminate with Relief pain cream, the more natural alternative.

If you've never given a topical analgesic pain cream a try, with our unconditional money-back guarantee there's no time like the present. We'll refund your full purchase price and your shipping cost, no questions asked, if you don't feel Relief helps you train harder and finish stronger.

You can learn more about Relief, its unique composition, how to use it, and what makes it so effective on our main Relief page or see our Relief FAQs.



Tom Ekenberg
“Relief not only feels good on my muscles and joints, it also gives me the training and performance edge I need to set new records.” Tom recently set a new World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters world record in the 61-67 age group category, dead lifting 633.7 pounds. *
Tom Ekenberg - Holder of Six Weightlifting World Records


Fred Coleman
“When I used Relief my legs felt fresher and less sore than any other member of my team after a week of two-a-day practice sessions in the NFL and the Arena Football League. Most everyone else had sore and aching legs, yet I had no soreness or pain thanks to Relief.” *
Fred Coleman - Ex-New England Patriots Wide Receiver


Felice Bietzel
“As the therapist for the Giant Bicycles Mountain Bike Team I wanted to let you know how fantastic your Relief cream worked for me and my athletes this week at the Mountain Bike World Championships. One of my athletes has taken to referring to the Relief cream as "Magic Cream." He crashed in practice in the week before his Down Hill Mountain Bike World Championships race, causing extremely severe bruising. Along with the standard RICE routine of Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation for injury treatment, I arranged for him to apply the Relief cream frequently to the bruised area, in addition to using it in massage of his legs and body. We both believe that using the Relief cream played an integral role in helping reduce his pain and enabled him to get back on his bike and compete, finishing 29th on the day, his best result in International races all season. Furthermore, I frequently used it in my massage treatments of all team athletes and I believe it helped all of them recover between the World Cup and World Championship races.” *
Felice Beitzel, PhD, LMT - USA Cycling Olympic Staff


Chris Hall
“I have been very impressed with the Relief. A little bit goes a long way in helping with sore muscles and joints associated with athletic endeavors. In fact I have a few of my student-athletes that will not go out onto the floor without having it on their legs and arms every day. Furthermore, I also have used it sparingly under some of my ankle tapings to relieve general soreness associated with chronic ankle / foot pain. The results have been very impressive.” *
Chris Hall, MA, ATC, LAT - Dir. Athl. Train. & Sports Med, Texas State U.


Mark Gilbert
“In my 30+ years as an Athletic Trainer I have used a great number of topical analgesic creams for the treatment of athletic injuries. Relief is one of the most impressive and effective products that I have found for the treatment of sprains, strains and muscle soreness. Based on my results, Relief now has a spot in my training room and I highly recommend it to all involved in the treatment of the injured athlete.” *
Mark Gilbert, ATC - Adjunct Professor, Tarleton State Univ.


Doug Gibbins
“I was introduced to Relief therapeutic cream during high school football playoffs, and found it to be very effective for painful and stiff joints and muscles on my athletes. After the first application, many of them asked for it again. We continued using the product throughout the playoffs to the state championship game. I would recommend this product to anyone, especially athletic trainers.” *
Doug Gibbins, ATC


Carl Sheffield
“While serving as a Performance Coach at the Michael Johnson Performance Center in McKinney, Texas, one of our physical therapists recommended the use of Relief on some of the athletes I had been working with. I had tremendous success and compliments on its use to reduce pain during their training.” *
Carl Sheffield, Jr., - Dir. Track & Field, Univ. of North Texas


Donna Jones
“I have found that Relief has helped my athletes more than any other analgesic cream. I am sold on this product.” *
Donna Jones, MEd, ATC, LAT - Texas A&M University





* We cannot guarantee you will achieve the same results (your results may vary), however, we do provide a hassle-free money-back guarantee if you are not 100% delighted.


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Relief is the choice of many professional athletes, coaches, athletic trainers, and physical therapists. So if you're looking for the best topical pain cream available why wait? Relief can help increase your endurance, reduce your recovery times, and help keep you pain free. Did we mention it's fully guaranteed?

You can rest assured that with Corganics® you're buying directly from the company that formulated Relief with its unique combination and concentration of pain relieving essential oils, not from a company who simply resells the product and has little knowledge of how Relief works.

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