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Dominique Sachse

Dominique Sachse

Evening News Anchor (KPRC, Houston)

This stuff is amazing, and it lasts a long time. I put Relief pain cream on every day. 

I was walking my dog one morning and a neighbor stopped me and hugged me and said, "Ah, what perfume are you wearing."

It's very rare a pain cream can smell that good!  *

Terry Borrell

Spa Manager

Relief cream is like magic in a bottle! Everyone should have this in their homes!!  *

Anik C. Gilbert

Anik C. Gilbert

RPh, Texas Oncology

When I first learned about Relief, I was a big skeptic. After trying it, however, I now love it, as do patients and coworkers.  Neuropathic pain and headaches following chemotherapy are real problems. Relief is a great solution that does wonders versus systemic medications with harsh side effects.  *

Svetislava (Sasha) Vukelja, MD

Svetislava (Sasha) Vukelja, MD

Texas Oncology-Tyler

Relief works for Neuropathy, which is a big problem for our patients. *

Neal Tarlton

I have had lower back pain for quite a while now on my right side, right below my waist. I tried everything off of the shelf there is, but nothing relieved the pain. I bought some Relief cream from my Massage Therapist and I have been hooked ever since. This really works, and I highly recommend it! Great product, and I will be a customer for life!  *

Judy Thurmon

Corganics Relief Works! Need I say more!!! It is the best product that I have used!!!! I’ve used it for about 5 years and always keep it on hand.  *

Juan M. Sánchez, DC

I have practiced chiropractic for 29 years. I directed the first chiropractic program in Mexico at UNEVE and created and administrated Parker University's External Program for 10 years. As a sports Chiropractic practitioner, I treated or directed doctors and/or students in treating elite athletes in Pan American Games, South American and Caribbean Games and Bolivarian Games and presented in 12 different countries including China where I went invited by the WHO to present about Chiropractic in Latin America. In my 29 years in practice, I have never found a better topical analgesic for my patients, my family, and myself than Relief pain cream. Thank you Corganics!  *

Michael Budack

I have been using Relief for about five years for neuropathic pain in my outer two toes on my right foot. Relief works better than anything else I’ve ever tried and I have tried lots of other things that did not help. *

Melody Williams, PhD

Melody Williams, PhD


I use Relief every day on my patients and myself. I am always pleasantly surprised that it works so well and contains so many essential oils and naturals ingredients. Relief has saved my day many times! *

Joanie Moore Weeks

One day while waiting for my Rheumatologist to come in to see me I noticed a bottle of Relief on his desk. I didn’t even ask but grabbed a squirt as I was sitting there in tears from the pain. THIS STUFF IS MAGIC!!! I don't go anywhere without it and buy it by the gallon to refill my 16 oz. pump bottles that I keep in my car, all over my house, and at my kids' homes. Everyone knows me by the smell and they often say, “Here comes Joanie”. The fragrance is one of the best parts, as it smells like a spa! *

P Blaine Hart

I have a box full of unsuccessful products in treating my severe pain with my spine. When I saw your Facebook ad I first dismissed itthen something made me go back and order. Boy am I glad I did!! IT HELPS GREATLY, and I am recommending your product to others. *

Dr. Graham Robson, DC

Dr. Graham Robson, DC

Blackwell Chiropractic

Relief Cream is the real deal! I use it myself, and my patients love it! Keep up the good work!  *

James R. Schwartz, RPh

James R. Schwartz, RPh

TX Oncology Exec. Dir. Pharmacy Operations

I began using Relief on my left hand for ongoing numbness and after two weeks it worked wonders. I'm a believer!  *

Janis Leffel

Janis Leffel

This stuff works, it is amazing. I have arthritis in my knees and ankles. I rub it on and my pain is gone.  *

Jeanie May Blaskovich

I have chronic pain on my right back side just below the waist and this absolutely stops the pain. Not a cure, but I don't hurt. The pain was almost unbearable before I bought this.

Kathleen Steck

I finally found relief. I've got fibromyalgia and I'm always in pain. I tried Relief because it says, "Chiropractor recommended," so what did I have to lose. This was the BEST chance I ever took!! I'm so happy I ordered this. I will be a customer for life as long as it works. I'm sold. I've got nothing but GREAT things to say about this cream. It does exactly what it's called, it gives you relief. Thank you SO MUCH :). *

Toni Dunagan

Toni Dunagan

The relief this provides is amazing... knees, shoulders, hips, whatever.  *

Marney DeFoore

Marney DeFoore

LCSW-S - San Antonio, TX

I wish I didn't need pain relief, but I'm so grateful I've found this product. I've been a customer for years and can't recommend Corganics Relief pain cream highly enough. I just ordered a gallon, and I'd order a 55-gallon drum if I thought I could get inside!  *

Gary Elkins

Gary Elkins

Member, Texas House of Representatives

My wife is LOVING your Relief cream. She broke her arm above the elbow and she has been in lots of pain, but your Relief cream has really helped her cope with the pain. *

Vernie Bodden, MD

I am a retired physician who was somewhat reluctant to use Relief Cream. Being medically-oriented I questioned its effectiveness after reviewing its ingredients. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try. I am not a believer in prescribing a "pain pill" for every discomfort and felt that this cream was a viable option. The cream's effectiveness was unbelievable! I immediately recommended it to my colleagues and friends who were equally impressed. Needless to say, it's not for every pain, but it does provide "relief" for a lot of the discomforts we experience in everyday life. *

Janice Cassarino

I love it I have tried so many different rubs including prescription ones and nothing gave me relief like Relief does! Thank you for making a wonderful product!!  *

Amy B.

I would rate Corganics Relief pain cream as EXCELLENT! I have a diagnosis of Stage 4 lung cancer with metastases to bones, spine, brain, and liver. Every morning and night I use it on my lower back and pelvis, calves and shins. I rely on the relief I get from Relief pain cream to be comfortable all day. Thank you for giving me the peace of mind with such a quality product. I appreciate your excellence!  *

Joanne Fidelman

I just got mine this morning. Put some on about 10:30. It’s now 4:30—haven’t had any pain. This works! *

Lisa Matheny

Y'all, this magical cream WORKS!  *

Cheryl Oppermann Peacock

Cheryl Oppermann Peacock

This is the best pain relieving cream ever. None better. *

Dr. Ben Wagley, DC

Dr. Ben Wagley, DC

Parkwood Family Chiropractic

I am not exaggerating when I say that I, my patients, and everyone on my staff absolutely ADORE Relief pain cream because it is FAR more effective than any other brand. In addition, we love the fact Relief has a pleasant fragrance, doesn't contain questionable ingredients, and won't burn your skin—even after repeated applications. Corganics often says you can generate healthier profits and happier patients with Relief pain cream; my staff and I can confirm that's the truth! *

Eddie Lane

Because I use a statin medication my forearms look like they are badly bruised. After using Relief pain relieving cream my forearms changed to looking and feeling just like they did in my younger years. Thank you for an amazing pain cream! *

Dr. Steve Jennings

Dr. Steve Jennings

Jennings Chiropractic

We LOVE sharing Relief with our patients because it works GREAT, and unlike other products it has a very pleasant fragrance. Our patients rave about it and either "stock up" while here or come back between visits to buy more. We even have people come in who are not our patients asking to buy Relief because they found us on Corganics' Store Locator page.*

SheJoy Francisco

Registered Nurse

I was introduced to this product years ago and would use it for my occasional headaches. Nowadays, I use this for my knee woes and even massaging on my feet before bed after work. It makes my sleep a lot better!! I love that fragrance too, it relaxes my senses.  *

Cheri Lynn Demma

A dear friend brought me the Relief cream and the Relief roll-on after my knee replacement. It's amazing, and is my favorite product to help bridge the gap between pain meds. *

Peggy McClaren

My husband and I prefer Relief over Biofreeze. Thanks for a great product. *

Courtney C

Courtney C

I cannot even tell you how AMAZING this stuff is. I never do reviews, but this product most certainly deserves one. I have dealt with MANY injuries, I was in a bad car wreck, and I have had more surgeries than I could count on both hands. My main area of pain is my upper back and neck. I have bulging disks, cervical stenosis, degenerative disk disease that causes horrible spasms, swelling, tension, and PAIN. I also have cancer and several other issues that put my pain level over the top every day. I have seen neurosurgeons, all of whom say they will eventually need to operate. I have done absolutely every possible treatment other than a spinal fusion, have had probably 10 injections, and they even went and tried to burn the nerve endings throughout my entire cervical spine, yet nothing worked. I can't even begin to tell you the medications the doctors have tried, each of which help some, but you get to a point where you don't want to constantly take medications forever. One day I was at my spine doctor's office and they had a bottle of Relief pain cream on the counter. While I was waiting there I asked the staff some questions about Relief and thought "yea, yea, but can I try it?" So, I put some on, and thought, "HOLY COW! What is this! Whatever this is, it's amazing!" Then and there I literally bought the rest of the supply they had on-hand because I couldn't believe how much it helped relieve my pains and aches. That night, I couldn't sleep because I was in so much pain, and none of my medications were helping. I felt like I was dying. So again, I put on some Relief cream and it helped soooo much. Since that day I never, ever, go anywhere without Relief! I will use this pain cream forever and continue to tell everyone I know about it because it truly works! I'm so glad I randomly tried this stuff at the doctor's office because I finally found something that gives true RELIEF!! *

Brandi Schmitt

Relief pain cream has saved my life. Mine is a long story of pain and no sleeping until I found this product. I truly cannot live without it!!! I continue to be an advocate for Relief cream because it really works. I was a nurse, and am now disabled due to a job-related injury that led to severe nerve and back pain. Doctors always wanted to prescribe medications that I did not want to take, yet one day I found Relief pain cream—and now I go nowhere without it. I use Relief for Restless Legs Syndrome, severe pain in my back, and bad sciatica. If you are in pain and can't sleep, this is the cream for you. I promise. I am a true believer, and thank God for this product. Thank you Corganics for making life a little less painful. God bless you!!! *

Marjorie Thomas

I have extreme pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Relief is the only product that gives me enough relief to go to sleep at night. Within 10 minutes, Relief also stops my sciatica neuropathic pain on the outside of my right leg. It is like a miracle cream!  *

Dr. Jackie Romanies, DC

First of all I absolutely LOVE your product and I use it on most every patient. Thank you for providing practioners with a NATURAL, EFFECTIVE product for professional and home use! *

Mary Venter

My foot doctor introduced me to the Relief Cream to see if it would help with the neuropathy that I have from Multiple Sclerosis. I was amazed to find that it relieved the pins and needles and nerve pain that I had. Some time later, I had a back spasm which lasted most of the day and nothing I did gave me any relief. Since I had only had the Relief cream for a short time, it didn't even occur to me to try it on the spasm until my husband suggested it. After he massaged it into my back, within minutes the spasm was gone. I have recommended this product to many of our friends and bought several tubes that they could use on their own after trying mine. It's helped everyone who has tried it. Thank you for a great product! *

William Kirk

For the past four years I have suffered with arthritis in my hips and ankles. I have tried treatments of all types, and nothing has worked. For several months I used Prednisone, and although it gave me some relief I could not tolerate the side effects. I was recently discussing the pain associated with arthritis with an RN I know, so she opened her purse and gave me a tube of Relief pain cream while saying it worked for her when nothing else would. The moment I applied it I felt immediate relief. It was amazing! I now recommend Relief to friends, family and anyone who will listen—because it's a true godsend. *

Ann Boltzen

I have a rare form of arthritis associated with Sjögren's Syndrome. My pain has been so bad that I have not been able to sleep well for 11 years. Relief is the only product that has helped with the pain in my hands and feet, and I can also sleep soundly again for six full hours. I truly LOVE Relief! *

Marguerite Cote

All my life I have kept myself fit through regular exercise, yet at age 65 I now have osteoporosis in my back—and I could not live without Relief cream. There is truly nothing like it. Relief cream is the only product I have found that really works for pain! *

Roy Davis

I drove a truck for almost 29 years. I started working part-time at a hospital about 26 to 28 hours a week. The balls of my feet hurt. as well as my toes. My doctor did an ultrasound and found I had some nerve damage. He gave me some pads to put on the balls of my feet, and then gave me some Relief pain cream samples. It really works! I put it on ever night, and have no foot pain in the morning. I am really glad he gave me the Relief. I am a true believer in it! *

Dana Renee'

Relief pain cream is my favorite vs. Icy Hot and Bengay, both of which I've never really liked due to their smell and their burning my skin. This stuff soothes & heals like no other! Relief has a pleasant and relaxing scent (including, but not limited to, lavender and menthol) and it doesn't hurt at all. I use it for muscle aches and headaches, allergies, colds (around temples, chest, neck, ears) AND on sunburns. Yep, this stuff is better than anything else I've tried on sunburns! I also use it occasionally for foot pain after being on my feet all day. I use essential oils, and I could probably blend my own version of this, but this blend is so perfect that I don't even want to try. *

June Woods

I had sciatic pain so bad that I went to a doctor for a "series of three shots" (or so he said) for the pain, yet ten shots later the pain was still there. When a friend of mine gave me a tube of Relief pain cream that had a little left in it so I could give it a try I was so amazed at how effective it was in relieving my pain that I immediately called and ordered two tubes, and I will be asking my doctor to stock it—because I absolutely love this stuff! *

Dr. David Rheaume, DC

Dr. David Rheaume, DC

Cross Winds Chiropractic

We love Relief pain cream. Not only do our patients get so much pain relief from your product, all of the employees use it for themselves and their families too! It's so popular at our practice we cannot keep it stocked on the shelf. The customer service and shipping time with Corganics is amazing. Thank you for always responding right away and shipping same day! *

Becki Tomamichel

My husband and I prefer more natural, holistic pain relievers, and we were thrilled when we found Relief cream. We take it with us everywhere we go, use it religiously for joint pain, and recommend it to everyone we know. Relief is FAR superior to Biofreeze; there truly is NO comparison. Relief smells better, feels better, and just plain works better. Thank you so much for a natural alternative to pain medications that come with some really nasty "side effects." *

Cherrylin Cabuslay

I ordered this product from your website, got it quickly, used it right away, and after just 3 days my pain is gone. I used to have sciatic nerve pain, and had a lot of treatments. It is amazing the pain completely gone! I will recommend Corganics Relief to everyone. *

Katelyn Manning

I have very bad knee pain and using this helps a lot! The pain goes away in just minutes! Sometimes seconds! Also helps with feet pain. *

Nancy Zally

I recently had laproscopic knee surgery and was unable to sleep at night due to the pain; that is, until a friend of mine shared with me some of her Relief pain cream. With Relief, I can finally sleep pain-free without taking oral medications. I also walk a lot for fitness, and have found using Relief keeps me from having the pains I used to have from long walks. Lastly, it works wonders on my occasional foot pain. This stuff is truly wonderful, and I just bought a six-pack so I can share it with friends and familty. Thank you so much for a product that is so amazingly effective! *

April Ray

This pain creme is better then great! I have MS pain and Fibromyalgia pain, and this is the ONLY thing that helps ease my pain. *

Odessa Sanders

I am SO pleased with what Relief has done for my neck pain. I have tried so many other products, but nothing has ever worked as well or as long as Relief! *

Alex Giordano

I tried most every pain cream out there, including Australian Dream, and absolutely nothing worked on the burning and pain in my feet; that is, until I tried Relief cream after my podiatrist said, "Hey Alex, why don't you give this cream a try." I took home a tube and was amazed that with a small application the burning and pain were gone and for the first time I am now pain free all day with just one or two applications. My wife also uses Relief cream for her back pain, and she is equally delighted with the results. Relief cream is truly a fantastic product! *

Barbara Certain

I first learned about Relief cream from my oncologist who recommended it for the cramping in my legs, and it worked wonders! I recently had the misfortune of stubbing and breaking two toes, which led to immediate bruising so bad my foot almost looked black. The first thing I did after the initial scream was apply Relief cream to my entire foot. Before long the terrible pain subsided, and has not returned. I also use Relief cream for back pain and muscle spasms, and it relieves them almost instantly. Relief has been a miracle cream to me in so many ways, and I recommend it to everyone I know. *

Charlene Pearce

I am an 89 year-old cancer survivor, and suffer from arthritis in most of my body. It is extremely painful, and no product ever worked to stop the pain. Then a friend who works at a local hospital suggested I drop by her home to try a new product named "Relief." I immediately fell in love with Relief, because it is the only product that stops my pain. I can't imagine being without it, and want to thank you SO much for making this wonderful product. *

Liz Angeles

Liz Angeles

Massage Therapist

Relief is my favorite topical analgesic, and in over 25 years of doing massage I have never found anything that works so great; it even helps me break down knots in my clients. It has a light, peppermint smell and is truly amazing! I buy it by the gallon. *

Don McCamy

I have been using Relief Pain Cream for many years. I keep coming back to it because it is the most effective pain cream I have found. The hand feel is perfect for rubbing the painful area and the smell of menthol is so relaxing. It seems to penetrate deeply and brings quick relief to hurting muscles and tissue. *


Registered Nurse

I have used almost every muscle cream on the market and Corganics [Relief] is one of my absolute favorites! I work long hours as a Critical Care Nurse and my job can lead up to lots of stiff and sore muscles from my neck to my ankles—this cream smells fantastic and has just the right amount of warmth to it! It contains Sweet Orange oil, Eucalyptus (just a hint), Lavendar oil, Peppermint oil and the scent is refreshing! *

Dr. Corey Skinner, DC

Dr. Corey Skinner, DC

Action Chiropractic

I've been recommending this product to my patients for years and I also use it myself and it works WONDERS for pain, swelling, inflammation and even arthritis in the extremities and spine. It's also perfect for acute sprains and sports injuries. Relief COMPLETELY blows Biofreeze out of the water. The company also prides itself on prompt, friendly and professional service. *

Kathy Martin, LMT

Massage Therapist

I purchased Corganics Relief cream years ago and applied it to an elbow that was giving me grief. I was shocked to find the discomfort gone within seconds. I then took some to my mom, who now uses it daily on her knees and swears by it. After my mother's rave review I began using it in my massage practice. Even though I offer my clients Corganics' 100% customer satisfaction money-back guarantee, I have never had anyone return a tube. I use it on my clients during massage sessions on tight spots, and it truly helps release the muscle while providing great topical pain relief. *

Melissa Russell

This cream is amazing. Not only is the smell pleasant and not over whelming but it works quickly. I work out on a regular basis and play softball so I constantly have sore muscles and injuries. Out of all the products I have used in the past, this is the one I recommend the most. *

Michael Perkins

I deal with chronic back pain every day. This cream has been the best option I've tried. It provides a noticeable amount of relief without being too greasy. It even smells good; reminds me of a relaxing trip to the spa. *

John V. Flournoy, Sr.

You have a wonderful product that has served me well for years. Once I got a chance to use Relief, it was so much better than anything else I had ever used that I couldn't get over it. *

Dena Shipp

Dena Shipp

Technical Product Manager & Hockey Mom

I was first introduced to Relief by my Chiropractor after I pulled a muscle. Later my son, while playing hockey, received a very nasty hit during a game and was given Biofreeze as part of his recovery process. I can tell you Relief is 10x better—he was still in pain after using the Biofreeze, so I grabbed the Relief and he could not believe the difference. Now we are a Relief ONLY household. I am spreading the word to all the other hockey mom’s on the quality of your product and how well it works. Thank you for creating Relief and keep up the good work. *

Kevin Taylor

Professional Truck Driver

I am a professional truck driver and suffer from low back pain and severe stiffness due to sitting and driving numerous hours a day. Yet after applying my Relief cream the pain is relieved, and I feel like I can drive for several more hours. *

Deldrick Clark

When I went for a massage the therapist told me it was a great product, and it truly is! My mom uses it for her leg cramps and I use if for my back and leg pain. Relief pain cream truly works wonders! *

Robert Reece

I have had multiple spinal fusions and Relief pain cream is far better and lasts far longer than the prescription pain cream my doctor provided me with. Relief is also the ONLY product that works on my nerve-related leg pain; without Relief I would not likely be walking. Relief is truly a world class product! *

Dr. Helene Valenti, DC, ACP

Dr. Helene Valenti, DC, ACP

CareMore Chiropractic

I never thought it would be possible to break my love affair with Sombra. However, after 12 years of faithful use, it has happened! I am so pleased with the rapid results I experience when using Corganics' Relief. The deep penetrating effect of this product is incomparable, and the aroma of the essential oils makes Relief an easy sell as well. What a Relief! *

Nancy Stallings

This Relief cream truly lives up to its name, "Relief." I have had pain in my left deltoid muscle and shoulder for many years and have tried all the name-brand over-the-counter products with little or no success. From the first application of Relief I could tell this is an amazing product. In less then two weeks I have, for the first time in years, full range-of-motion with my arm and shoulder. Thank you so much for an amazing product! *

Cathy O.

I have been using "Relief Cream" for a number of years and have found it to be the most fantastic pain relief cream! I suffer from arthritic pain in my hands and sciatic pain in my leg, and after applying the cream to the painful area within minutes I have less pain and more mobility! I cannot praise this wonderful cream enough! *

Corey Cooper

My wife (who runs the Plano Salt Escape Salt Therapy Wellness Center) and I have been using Relief cream exclusively for about three weeks now. I have used many other name-brand and prescription pain relief creams and ointments, and this one puts them all away. Used pre-workout it has allowed me a new level of endurance and intensity. Post-workout it relieves the muscle soreness we mid-lifers can get. Used after drying off from a shower really intensifies the effect. I have been recommending Relief to my friends and have given some to the owner/trainer at my gym who said he also really likes it. We will definitely be getting more! *

Dr. Lauren M. Sword, DC

Dr. Lauren M. Sword, DC

Chiropractor at Adjust to Health

Relief Cream has tremendously helped our patients when dealing with pain! It is THE BEST pain relieving creme on the market! We have been carrying it for a couple years now in our office, and when we start getting low on supply it's panic. Relief is truly a great product, and Corganics is a great company! I also want to share a wonderful experience I personally had with the Relief Cream. After unexpectedly spending a few hours in the sun with no sunscreen on, I came home burnt. Not just a little burnt, but lobster red burnt. Knowing I had to treat patients all day, I had to find something that would take the sting out and allow me to bend my knees without excruciating pain. I grabbed the Relief cream and applied it all over my legs. Within minutes the pain went away, and I was able to bend my knees and perform my job with NO PAIN! Thank you for developing such an amazing product that I personally use and get to share with my patients, family and friends! *

Mary M.

I have been using Relief cream for years, and it works on most every pain I have. I love it so much I take a tube of Relief cream with me everywhere I go. I also give it as a gift to friends who are in pain. The last friend I gave a tube to literally ran up to me when I saw her a week later, saying, "Thank you, thank you! I am on my feet all day at work and that Relief cream you gave me relieves my leg pain and keeps my legs from cramping up!" *

Stacy Cary

Thank you Corganics! I just shared some Relief cream with my sister who had an itchy spot on her ankle that normally requires multiple application of cortisone and hours to heal, yet just one application of Relief cream stopped the itching instantly! I really love this product! *

Bob Fuentes

While in a guitar store, someone let me try Relief pain cream on my aching wrist. Within 15 to 20 minutes the pain was gone! That sure convinced me that this stuff is the real deal. *

Dr. Christie Mahaffey, DC

Dr. Christie Mahaffey, DC

Barefoot Chiropractic & Wellness Center

I use Relief Cream with almost every patient. It is fabulous for trigger points and sore muscles. It can be used as a massage lotion as well, which I do daily at our office. My patients love that it is non-sticky and does not stain their clothing. I highly recommend it! *

Lee Porter

I have been using Relief for a few years now, and it is the only cream that helps manage my foot pain. *

April Taylor

School Teacher

As a school teacher I stand on my feet for hours, teaching, and with standing comes back and leg pain. Yet once I apply Relief my leg pain and back pain goes away almost instantly! *

Laura E.

Until a friend introduced me to Relief Pain Relieving cream, I would never have thought a product so effective was available. I was desperate, so I tried it, expecting no relief. I couldn't have been more surprised. I used the cream for debilitating back pain that was so bad I was gasping and nauseated. Within moments of using the cream, I felt complete relief of the pain. What surprised me was that the relief lasted all that day and the next. And I don't mean just a reduction in pain—I mean a total elimination of pain and inflammation.

I found that if I take a hot shower or bath and dry off completely and then apply the cream before my pores close, the relief is immediate and long-lasting. Without that preliminary step the pain relief takes about 5-7 minutes and is not quite as complete. I was very pleased to discover that samples are available—I can now always carry with me an application in case of emergency. I urge everyone who experiences pain that both holistic and conventional medicine remedies don't relieve to try this product. Not only will you not be disappointed, but you will wonder why it took so long for you to find it! *

Bill Rose

I have used Relief Cream since 2010. You won't believe what a fine product this Relief cream is for the aching sore parts of your body. My neurologist recommended it to me for my knees and feet since I walk 12 miles per day at work. I recommend you try it without hesitation! I switched to the 16 oz pump because I use it daily! You won't believe how well it works without side effects of medication! *

Charles Reed

In the last 4 years, I have had both knees replaced. I also have a shoulder that slips out of place occasionally and gives me a lot of pain. I have very little movement in my shoulder and experience lots of pain, sometimes worse than other times. It has been so bad that I was in the process of making an appointment for surgery. Recently, however, I started using a new product called Relief. Within 30 minutes to 1 hour after my initial application of Relief, I had no pain in my shoulder. Since using it on my knees, also, they are looser and not as tight when I wake, and I do not have pain like I did. I am a retired football coach and I have used a lot of other products, but NONE have been as effective at relieving pain and helping with movement like Relief. *

Linda Cole

After you gave Relief to my husband, he brought it home, and I put in on the table next to my chair. I kept thinking it was just like a lot of other "gimmicks" I had tried. One night before bed, my sciatic nerve was killing me down my left leg and into my foot. I decided to rub it with Relief and within 2-3 minutes I began to get relief, and within 5 minutes, the pain was gone. Since then, I have gotten up in the middle of the night several times and rubbed my leg with it. In about 5 minutes, I could go back to bed with no pain. Now, at the first sign of any pain, I use the Relief. Thanks for sharing it with us. *

Joanna Horton

My Mother is 86 and suffers from a blood disease, heart disease, and general “knee, back and foot” arthritis. She had begun to complain to me about her feet hurting and burning during the evening and nighttime, so intense that she would awake from a deep sleep and be unable to get enough relief with pain pills or over the counter medicine to return to a normal sleeping pattern. According to instructions, I encouraged her to apply 2 coats before bedtime and letting it dry naturally during each coat. This cream has helped the burning and the intense pain in her feet where she has a full night’s rest, each night. *

Mr. J. L. Riddle

I have had 10-15 years of foot problems, could not stand for 5 minutes or walk over 50 feet. My feet ached badly all the time. After using your cream for 3 days, my feet improved at least 50% or more. I can walk around my house again and do things I could not do for the last 10 years. *

Sophia Hall

I am 83 years old. For the past 3 years, I have had extreme pain in my feet. My doctors, including a neurologist, tried everything they know, but without any positive results. I even had to be hospitalized twice because of medications. After using your cream, I got immediate results for the first time I applied it. It is very cooling, refreshing and soothing. I can now sleep all night once again and get the rest I need. I have to have your product. *

Kira Palmer

When I was pregnant two years ago with my daughter I had extreme pain in my right shoulder. It went on for months. They did cortisone shots, prescribed Loratab (Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen), and were ready to operate on a pregnant gal the pain was so severe. Eventually the cortisone shots worked and the pain went away. I am now pregnant again and at about 28 weeks the pain was back. This time the pain was worse. The joint hurt so bad I couldn't pull the covers over me in bed. I could only sleep on one side, and NOTHING worked. My chiropractor recommended Relief cream. I was skeptical that a cream could ease my pain when the medical community had nothing that worked. In a total act of desperation I had my husband rub it into the shoulder one night. I slept better than I had in weeks. He rubbed it in the next night and the pain was completely gone. Here I am now 34 weeks pregnant and the pain has been completely gone for 6 weeks. My husband has also used it on his back (after trying everything else under the sun) with similar results. Thank you for a truly amazing product. We have shared this info with our family and friends! *

Maren Heard

I was approached by a gentleman last month who is a regular customer in our store. He noticed that I was very uncomfortable while working at our computer; that week I was having really bad back spasms since the previous weekend. He had this pain relief cream and said that I should try it. He mentioned that he uses it a lot for his back and knuckles when he plays golf. Well, I tried this Relief cream and I must say . . . this stuff is incredible! I was taking muscle relaxers that my doctor prescribed for me and I had my wife massaging Ben-Gay into my back every night. But the sharp pains still persisted until I tried Relief. *

Don Trosset

Construction Superintendent

Great people and great products, I couldn't do the work I do [as a construction superintendent] without Relief cream, thank you for what you do!! *

Kim McLin

It is the BEST...have been using it for years and would not use anything else. I tell everyone just how great it is :)))))) *

Mary Lou Foster

Reg. EEG Tech., UT Southwestern Med.Ctr.

Great stuff!! I've been using it for about two years for all the aches and pains in my body. It's especially good for joint pain and painful feet! *

Kaye Jones

I buy Relief cream by the box full! I would buy it and give it to seniors who lived in the Assisted Care Living apartments where I stayed while caring for my mom. My husband who has Parkinson's disease uses it daily for muscle relief. We couldn't live without it! *

Marie Watts

When Dr. McCullough gave me a sample to try, I used it that day. I really have a lot of health problems and I now use Relief daily. I really love the fragrance and the comfortable feel of it. I also use double applications. *

Teresa L Shidler

Co-Founder Saving Grace Alliance for Seniors

Relief has to be the BEST pain relieving cream I have ever used or my mom has ever used!! *

Kathy Lawrence

I have Fibromyalgia and need pain relief from muscle tightness and knots in my shoulders and neck. Fibromyalgia causes muscles to be tight in the morning from sleeping positions and also at night when I lie down. The Relief ointment helps my muscles relax quickly. I apply it in the morning to go to work without pain and again at bedtime to keep the muscles from tightening up when I get into bed and try to relax. Secondly, it has helped me with pain from a frozen shoulder and to ease the resulting knot in my upper arm. Thirdly, tension headaches go away in minutes when Relief is applied to the tight muscles in the neck and at the back of the head. *

Julie Sanner Markham

I love this cream. I use Relief every night on my stump. I am below knee amputee and experience pain on a daily basis. I apply the cream every night and it brings relief!!! Thanks for such an incredible product! Also, our son, who is a long distance runner, uses the cream. *

Lt Col. William Rieger

US Army Head of Physical Fitness, Retired

Members of the staff and faculty of the United States Army Physical Fitness School have expressed positive results when using Relief for both chronic and general muscle soreness. Athletes ranging in age and athletic prowess have expressed similar positive results. Relief, most definitely, has great potential for the recreational athlete, as well as for use by athletic trainers in professional sports. *

Mary Ann Bryant

Thank you so much for a wonderful product that actually works! I have been using Relief for my mother—her arms and legs hurt due to Leukemia—and after just a few minutes the ache is much relieved and she is able to rest better. I appreciate the fact I can order online and don't have to order a large quantity. Also the price is very reasonable. *

Randy Cumberland

My back is a total mess, and at my age the doctors will not operate on me. I have tried many products to help with my pain, but Relief is the only topical pain reliever that actually works for me. *

W. E. Hollister

Our chiropractor recommended to my wife that she try Relief from Corganics over a year ago after she, our daughter, and two granddaughters started using it. I had a laminectomy over forty years ago, but exercise now to keep active. So I started using her Relief and have found that using Relief at night, before going to bed, on my lower back, has given me great pain relief. This cream is easy to apply, has no objectionable aroma, and does make my back feel better for 24 hours. I apply it every night now, and I appreciate the results. Thank you for this fine product. *

Jana Davis

I wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful product! It has been a true life saver! I have back trouble and was down in my back when my mother-in-law Hazel Davis sent home a tube of your Relief cream. Well, I didn't think it would do much because I had tried everything to help relieve my back. I put Relief cream on and on my goodness it was awesome! The warmth went deep into my muscles and started to ease the pain! I am a hook line and sinker believer in your product.

We have bought many tubes now and when anyone says their wrist is hurting, back is hurting, knee is hurting, muscles are hurting we hand them a tube of your amazing Relief cream! Then, they are sold! A friend of ours broke his wrist several years ago and has a metal plate with screws in his arm. He said his arm aches all the time. Well we gave him a tube of the Relief cream and he used it and he said it was like a miracle! So through your wonderful product we have helped ease quite a few of our friends' aches and pains! I just wanted you to know how grateful we are for your fabulous product and how it has helped our lives. Be blessed and have an awesome day! *

Janet Shrewsbury

Janet Shrewsbury

Exec. Director, Mission Carthage

I am so grateful that your company sells Relief cream. I absolutely love it. I have some back and neck problems and I apply the cream. It relieves my pain and I can go back to sleep. Again, thank you. *

Tracy Barbin

I have had severe back problems with 2 ruptured discs. After using Corganics Relief I was immediately able to reduce my pain medication by more than 50%. It has also given me great relief in my right shoulder/rotator cuff area. *

Laura Aston

I want to take a moment to express my feeling about this wonderful product, Relief cream. I injured my back many months ago and went in for an MRI. It was determined I have degenerative disk disease with three herniated disks in my lower back. I have been teaching at least four aerobic and lifting classes per week for the past 27 years and am not ready to retire yet. I rub Relief cream on my lower back and down the back of my legs twice a day. The pain is immediately relieved upon application, and it lasts for several hours. I am so glad I found this fantastic product and now many of my family members and friends are loyal customers, too. *

Annie Burroughs

I have suffered lower back pain for almost 30 years and have tried surgery as well as every product imaginable for relief. A doctor provided me with a sample of your product, Relief, and I got immediate and long-lasting results. Relief is a most appropriate name for this wonderful product! Thank you from the bottom of my back! *

Sheryl West

I was first introduced to your product by my podiatrist for foot pain. Thanks so much for your wonderful product, and for personally calling to discuss any questions I might have when I made my first purchase. Your product has not only helped so much with the arthritic pains in my hips and feet, but has also been great on my lower back pain! Thanks again. *

Gregg Wright

My wife suffers from shingles, and our M.D. suggested that Relief might help the painful burning and throbbing sensations that the virus causes. After trying Relief just a few times, she said that it "turns off the fire." On that positive note, I then wondered if Relief might help the arthritis pain in my hands. I found that Relief soothes both the sharp, shooting pain and the dull, persistent aches. I have arthritis also in both knees, as well as some torn cartilage, and Relief eases the pain that builds up in my knees after a long day. In addition, a tendon on the side of one knee was severed in a botched surgery; often there's a dull throbbing pain in that spot, but Relief takes care of that too. Relief also has given me relief from the bursitis in my shoulders. And, as an unexpected benefit, Relief controls a type of psoriasis that several medicines from my dermatologist could not alleviate. I look forward to using Relief a couple of times each day. *

Lonnie Searight

My mother and I were first introduced to Relief cream about one year ago by my mother's practitioner, and we have both been very impressed with how well it relieves pain. I use it on my back and hips, and it really takes care of business. My niece tried it on shingles on her neck and said, "This is a wonderful product!" She now recommends it to everyone she knows who is having any type of pain. Last but not least I take care of my 103 year old mother who has arthritis all over with the worst pain in her fee and toes (due to gout). For us this cream to us is truly a miracle cream. Anyone suffering from severe pain needs to give this cream a try! *

Mary Greenwood

Relief has helped me with my arthritis pain. I use it night and day with great results. It works better than other products I've tried, and at 84 I am hoping to avoid having knee surgery. *

Pat Elias

My Internal Medicine Physician gave me a sample of Relief. He said that it might help me manage my pain problems. Believe me, I have tried every pain cream on the market in order to help control my arthritic pain. Relief is the only one that really works. It is just wonderful! It is very soothing and lasts for an unbelievable amount of time. It also has a very pleasant scent. *

Elsa F.

I have found my miracle cream! I have been suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was 35 years old and the pain has been excruciating most of the time. I have spent so much money and tried so many over-the-counter creams that promised to relieve pain, and yet none of them worked; that is, until a friend introduced me to Relief cream. I first used it on my hands and knees (were my pain was most severe) and within minutes the pain was gone. I was shocked to find that after using Relief I was now, for the first time, pain free for hours. I couldn't believe I had finally found something that actually works and is well worth the price. Relief is now my best friend, and I recommend this incredible product to everyone I know. Thank you, Corganics, for developing such an amazing product! *

Dr. Clint Jones, DPM

I have used Relief, by Corganics, since they first started making it. I have always been pleased with the results it produces with my patients. I have used it to help control symptoms from plantar fasciitis to arthritis. I have always felt confident that my patients would not return upset that the product did not work. *

Dr. Dan Phelps, DPM

Dr. Dan Phelps, DPM

Foot Clinic of East Texas

As a result of using Corganics' Relief cream for 18 months in our practice at the Foot Clinic of East Texas, we have found it to work very well for painful feet, even when more traditional medication did not help patients at all. After using Relief, patients have been able to greatly reduce or eliminate other medications being taken for foot pain and discomfort. As such, we plan to continue using your product with our patients. *

Dr. Fred A. Sternberg. DPM

Dr. Fred A. Sternberg. DPM

The most important thing I can say about Relief cream is that it works well and quickly. Often, Relief takes the place of oral medication. “One less pill to take,” is a common response from grateful patients. Relief cream is so appreciated that my patients are buying it for friends and relatives. Keep up your good work! *

Jennifer Crist, LMT

A few weeks ago, a client brought in samples of Relief claiming his wife’s massage therapist had worked wonders on her with it. I’m particular about the products I use. I determine them by workable-texture, suitable smell, whether or not they accomplish what I need them to and how they respond not only to my client for the hour but also to me day after day. Consistently, clients pointed out the nice, easy scent and the just-right temperature of cool enough. But what had me calling to order more was after I ran out of the sample I found myself mid-session reflexively reaching back to the shelf for Relief. Now that was the sale! My hands stayed in the lotion (just a bit per-client was all that was needed) all day and it never bothered me. In fact, I realized only after I had gone days without any, Relief had made my job easier by not only making muscles easier for me to work with, it had also been nurturing my hands. I am looking forward to the work Relief and I will be doing together. *

Cathy Hess, LMT

Hand It to Health

I have recently been introduced to Relief cream. The Relief cream cuts the time I spend working out spasms and allows me to work deeper, faster with less fatigue on my part. This is a wonderful product! *

Dr. Cody Johnson, DPT

Dr. Cody Johnson, DPT

Athletic Advantage Physical Therapy

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy having the opportunity to use Relief! I have used other products in the past that cannot compare to the results I get with Relief. I have used Relief with a wide variety of patients ranging from professional athletes to the non-athletic population. The feedback that I get has always been positive and I cannot say that for any other product I have ever used. I will definitely continue to use Relief in my clinic as well as sharing this great product with friends and family. Thanks. *

Trent May, PT

Trent May, PT

Rockwood Clinic

I have been using the Relief cream in my physical therapy practice for the past six months and I'm very impressed with the product. I've been in practice for 14 years and have used so many different analgesic creams, but nothing has compared to the Relief cream. I like the smell of the product, and also like how it eases the wear and tear on my hands from long hours of manual work on my patients. However, the bottom line is that my patients love it. They request that I use it on them, and I have not seen that with any other analgesic I have used—and that alone makes it a must have. I'm sold on Relief cream, and plan to make it a mainstay in our clinic. Great product! *

Roberta Stalvey, LMT

Roberta Stalvey, LMT

Owner, Massage TLC

I use Relief cream on every client who comes in with any type of pain, and they all say they absolutely love the fragrance (as do I) and how it feels on their skin--in addition to how well it relieves their pain. It is the ONLY topical pain cream I would even think of using (and having on my hands) all day long, and with its non-irritating ingredients I can do so worry free. I have never had anyone I have used it on or sold it to complain of any type of negative skin reaction to the product, which I find amazing since with most ever other product of its kind you run a significant risk of experiencing secondary skin irritation. As you can imagine I couldn't be happier with Relief's amazing formulation and superior results! *

Felice Beitzel, PhD, LMT

Felice Beitzel, PhD, LMT

USA Cycling Olympic Staff

As the therapist for the Giant Bicycles Mountain Bike Team I wanted to let you know how fantastic your Relief cream worked for me and my athletes this week at the Mountain Bike World Championships. One of my athletes has taken to referring to the Relief cream as "Magic Cream." He crashed in practice in the week before his Down Hill Mountain Bike World Championships race, causing extremely severe bruising. Along with the standard RICE routine of Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation for injury treatment, I arranged for him to apply the Relief cream frequently to the bruised area, in addition to using it in massage of his legs and body. We both believe that using the Relief cream played an integral role in helping reduce his pain and enabled him to get back on his bike and compete, finishing 29th on the day, his best result in International races all season. Furthermore, I frequently used it in my massage treatments of all team athletes and I believe it helped all of them recover between the World Cup and World Championship races. The best team result was 8th from Danny Hart from Great Britain. A fantastic performance. *

Bob O'Malley

High School Football Coach

Well, I have had the time and opportunity to test your analgesic product with my high school football team; with positive results I might add. I have several players who ask for a topical ointment frequently. So I unscientifically rotated several products in my kit: BioFreeze, Flexall, and Relief. After three weeks I asked the players which one they preferred. The answer: Relief. They replied that Relief stayed warmer longer and gave a greater degree of relief than the other two. *

David Ream

David Ream

Waxahachie High Head Football Coach

I have to admit I was very skeptical about your product, as was our trainer. I gave a sample packet to one of my coaches who'd had knee surgery and was experiencing aching joints, and a packet to my father who recently had hip replacement surgery. Both were overjoyed by the results. *

Carl Sheffield, Jr.

Carl Sheffield, Jr.

Dir. of Track & Field, University of North Texas

While serving as a Performance Coach at the Michael Johnson Performance Center in McKinney, Texas, one of our physical therapists recommended the use of Relief on some of the athletes I had been working with. I had tremendous success and compliments on its use to reduce pain during their training. *

Dr. Rico J. Forlano, DC

Forlano Chiropractic Family Health Center

Friday night at the El Dorado High School football game I brought a bottle of Relief cream along because the coaches wanted the players who cramp up during the game to give it a try. At the end of the game the coaches and I asked all of the players who normally cramp up if they got any muscle cramps, and they all said, "No." The high school football coaches were quite impressed, as were some athletic trainers who were there from a nearby college and observed the game. I am used to seeing these kids cramp up all the time at games, yet after using Relief cream none of the players had any muscle cramps. *

Dr. Andrea Bologna, DC

Dr. Andrea Bologna, DC

Village Centre Chiropractic & Massage

Relief pain relieving cream is a great product. I have nothing but praise for Relief, and my patients attest to its effectiveness. *

Dr. Mandy M Carter, DC

Carter Chiropractic

I recently started using Relief in my practice after being introduced to the product by a friend. My patients tell me they prefer Relief to the other analgesic gel because Relief works better, lasts longer and there is no stickiness or unpleasant scent after using the cream. In addition to the patient response, I use Relief in my office because Corganics provides a high quality product with great customer service. Relief has been a great addition to my practice. *

Dr. Mark Hembree, DC

Dr. Mark Hembree, DC

Hembree Chiropractic

In my 27 years as a Doctor of Chiropractic, I have had the opportunity to endorse dozens of pain relief products. Relief is the only cream that I believe will truly complement Chiropractic care. I utilize Relief as a tool which compliments Chiropractic care by accelerating my patients' journey to better health. As an avid tennis player and Doctor of Chiropractic I recommend Relief to all my patients, athletes, and anyone who has ever experienced soreness or pain of any kind. *

Dr. Tina Bennett-Burton, DC

Dr. Tina Bennett-Burton, DC

Park Central Chiropractic

Relief is an amazing addition to my practice. I have used it on a variety of patients ranging from professional athletes to chronic pain patients with a variety of conditions such as sprains/strains. Every time with every patient they have healed more quickly with less discomfort. My patients love it and most carry it with them everywhere they go.

My patients absolutely love Relief. Not only do I hear them say it but the proof is in the inability to keep the product on my shelf. *

Dr. Aaron G. Wines, DC

Dr. Aaron G. Wines, DC

Active Chiropractic and Wellness

Our office and our patients love your products! *

Dr. Duane M. Dressen, DC

I have been in private practice for the last 26 years. Recently I was introduced to an analgesic cream called “Relief.” For the last 12 years I have used, sold and endorsed an alternative product in my practice. Since I started selling Relief I have received phenomenal patient feedback. Patients find it far superior to the “leading brand” for relieving muscle aches and pains along with inflammatory symptoms. Relief in my opinion works faster, penetrates deeper and lasts longer than competing products. It has a clean spa scent and feels good on the skin. Most importantly, Relief has quickly multiplied my product sales, thus making my business more profitable while generating many additional positive patient experiences. *

Donnie "Britt" Davis, Jr., ATC

I gave some samples of Relief to a group of seven individuals with diverse chronic ailments. In addition to Relief, I also gave samples of three competing products. Their symptoms included tight and sore quadriceps secondary to post-operative total knee replacement, right hamstring muscle pulls, left quadriceps muscle contusions, right shoulder pain secondary to throwing, right ankle pain and stiffness following a four week-old ankle injury, and chronic low back pain. When these individuals reported back to me, surprisingly ALL preferred Relief over the leading brand name products. The most common responses were, "It penetrated deeper and lasted longer" and "A little goes a long way." You have an excellent product on your hands and we look forward to ordering more Relief. *

Donna Jones, MEd, ATC, LAT

Donna Jones, MEd, ATC, LAT

Texas A&M University

I have found that Relief has helped my athletes more than any other analgesic cream. I am sold on this product. *

Chris Hall, MA, ATC, LAT

Chris Hall, MA, ATC, LAT

Director of Athletic Training and Sports Medicine, TCU Athletics

I have been very impressed with the Relief. A little bit goes a long way in helping with sore muscles and joints associated with athletic endeavors. In fact I have a few of my student-athletes that will not go out onto the floor without having it on their legs and arms every day. Furthermore, I also have used it sparingly under some of my ankle tapings to relieve general soreness associated with chronic ankle / foot pain. The results have been very impressive. *

Doug Gibbins, ATC

Doug Gibbins, ATC

I was introduced to Relief therapeutic cream during high school football playoffs, and found it to be very effective for painful and stiff joints and muscles on my athletes. After the first application, many of them asked for it again. We continued using the product throughout the playoffs to the state championship game. I would recommend this product to anyone, especially athletic trainers. *

Mark Gilbert, ATC

Mark Gilbert, ATC

Adjunct Professor, Tarleton State University

In my 30+ years as an Athletic Trainer I have used a great number of topical analgesic creams for the treatment of athletic injuries. Relief is one of the most impressive and effective products that I have found for the treatment of sprains, strains and muscle soreness. Based on my results, Relief now has a spot in my training room and I highly recommend it to all involved in the treatment of the injured athlete. *

Tom Ekenberg

Tom Ekenberg

Holder of Six Weightlifting World Records

Relief not only feels good on my muscles and joints, it also gives me the training and performance edge I need to set new records. Tom recently set a new World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters world record in the 61-67 age group category, dead lifting 633.7 pounds. *

David Price, ATC

David Price, ATC

Head Athletic Trainer, Kansas City Chiefs

The athletic training staff of the Kansas City Chiefs have received highly positive feedback while using the Relief OTC topical analgesic on various players. Relief therapeutically relieved minor aches and pains, sore muscles and joint discomfort. I have found positive results on our players using your product before, during, and after physical training and competition. We incorporate the product with all of our therapeutic massage treatments. It's a valuable additive to our daily athletic training room routines. I look forward to our continued use of Relief OTC topical analgesic with the Kansas City Chiefs. *

Fred Coleman

Fred Coleman

Ex-New England Patriots Wide Receiver

When I used Relief my legs felt fresher and less sore than any other member of my team after a week of two-a-day practice sessions in the NFL and the Arena Football League. Most everyone else had sore and aching legs, yet I had no soreness or pain thanks to Relief. *

Beatrice Caballero

Senior Volleyball Player

I wanted to say "Thank You" for sending me the 2 tubes of Relief. It is the best therapeutic pain reliever that I have ever used. I am 78 years old and still able to play Senior Volleyball. I use it on my arthritic knee. *

Will L.

I was introduced to Relief cream through a family friend. Her Chiropractor has been using it for some time. I have low back pain and sciatic pain, and had been using Voltaren® Gel and Walgreens Muscle Rub. Voltaren® & Walgreens Muscle Rub provided some relief, but your Relief cream works far better and is my preferred pain reliever. Your fast shipments are also a plus. *

Wendy Himes, LMT

I wanted to write and tell you how well Relief has worked for me. I started using it initially on my clients to relieve the knots in their backs and necks. I was thrilled and somewhat surprised to see that it actually worked quicker than Tiger Balm—the cream that most Massage therapists use for knots and Trigger Point Therapy. Relief always loosens the knots by 50% within 5 minutes. Most of the knot can then melt away within another 5 minutes. I’ve never been able to get those kinds of results with other balms or creams. There are also no vapors with Relief, which can be a real eye irritant. I also began to use Relief 3x/day on my eczema. My skin condition is on my hands and is exacerbated by my massaging practice. I was immediately able to stop using my prescription topical steroid, much to my relief. No other creams helped my skin condition and the steroid was very drying to non-affected parts of my hand. Even emu oil, which is quite expensive, couldn’t touch my eczema like your Relief has. Thank you so much for your product. I consider it a great blessing that I met you and am able to benefit so much from it. *




* Relief pain cream was designed under FDA guidelines for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with simple backache, arthritis, strains, bruises and sprains. The above are independent and uncompensated testimonials submitted by users, and are not (and are not meant to be construed as) product efficacy or suitability claims by the formulator or the manufacturer. We cannot guarantee you will achieve the same results (your results may vary), however, we do provide a hassle-free money-back guarantee if you are not 100% delighted—and for Professionals we offer a 90-day risk-free trial. You should seek the personal advice of a physician or qualified healthcare provider prior to beginning any form of treatment or therapy.

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