Who We Are

Corganics® was founded by pharmaceutical industry executives in January of 2020.  Our mission is to bridge the gap between healthcare professionals and their patients when it comes to understanding and treating the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Patients in the United States are seeking safe, natural alternatives to prescriptions and are looking to their healthcare professionals for their opinion and recommendation on such treatments.  Corganics launched their first innovative products into the market in 2022 and has quickly become the most trusted cannabinoid (CBD) therapy by healthcare professionals across multiple specialties in the United States. 

Corganics provides scientifically formulated and physician advised, broad-spectrum CBD products with the same quality expected of highest quality medications.  Advanced technology and manufacturing capabilities, along with extensive third party testing and IRB-approved data separate Corganics products from retail versions of cannabinoid therapy. Corganics understands the potential of hemp-based, broad-spectrum cannabinoid therapy and will continuously work to expedite its entry into treatment options for healthcare professionals.

Until now, healthcare professionals have been largely excluded from the conversation around CBD therapy and how it could help their patients. Corganics seeks to change that by educating and reintegrating healthcare professionals as a trusted, unbiased source of information on the potential benefits of quality hemp-derived cannabinoid therapy and how it interacts with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).  Corganics is proud to partner with healthcare professionals and their support of well-being with their patients.